Large Himalayan Salt Lamps... What You Need to Know!

An extra large Himalayan salt lamp not only acts as a fantastic piece of home decor, but can provide numerous benefits ranging from a relaxing home ambience to purifying the air in the surrounding area.

These salt lamps can get BIG. And heavy.

Though not as common as smaller lamps, extra large Himalayan salt lamp can be up to 40 kilograms in weight, standing half a meter tall.

But what are the benefits to these colossal lamps? Are they really worth the extra cost?


Benefits of a BIG salt lamp

One of the main reasons to consider a big salt lamp is the magnified purification benefits that they offer. Salt lamps weighing over 25kg in weight contain 40 watt bulbs, generating more heat and thus more negative ions than smaller lamps. An increase in negative ions in a room can help cleanse the air of everything from mould spores to viruses and bacteria.

This means a large Himalayan salt lamp is not only able to provide increased health and relaxation benefits, but is also able to purify a much larger area and absorb more humidity due to its size. Even if left on 24/7, the bulbs generally last between 6 to 8 months with low ongoing costs.

If you want to instantly neutralize the air and reduce allergens in a room, a huge salt lamp can be just as effective as having several small Himalayan salt lamps around your home. Apart from air purification, the lamp’s large size can effectively emit a strong presence and crystal energy throughout the space. Not only this, but the soft, relaxing glow that a big salt lamp emits, can instantly transform any living space into a room perfect for relaxing.


Things to be mindful of...

When choosing a location for your Himalayan salt lamp, be sure to keep it away from humid rooms such as the bathroom or laundry. The high levels of humidity in the air can cause the salt lamp to begin to melt.

Know, too, that salt lamps create puddles of water due to being hygroscopic. A big salt lamp, as you would expect, would sweat more and could be damaging to some surfaces. A simple solution to this, is to leave your lamp on 24/7, as the heat from the lamp keeps the crystal dry, while releasing negative ions into the room.

While large salt lamps can be heavy, they can also be a fantastic addition to any household with low maintenance needed. Smaller salt lamps can sit on shelves and on desks in smaller rooms, while an extra large Himalayan salt lamp can look amazing in more spacious rooms such as a hallway or living area.


So should you get one?

Due to their weight, big Himalayan salt lamps can often be tough to order online with expensive freight costs. If there isn’t a shop that sells large Himalayan salt lamps locally, buying several smaller lamps can be a far more convenient option. You have the ability to space them around your house while still receiving the same air purification benefits. We hope his article helped to show the unique benefits of getting larger sized salt lamps. Below are our large salt lamps sourced direct from the pink salt mines.


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