Our Lamps

At The Salt Lamp Shop, our mission has always been to create the most authentic and lasting Himalayan salt lamps. We’ve put in the time and effort needed to bring you the best possible salt lamps with the most value, so that you can have peace of mind.

The salt lamps you see on eBay or other stores are not all the same! What makes our lamps better than others? Simple, we know every detail of the trade unlike other sellers. Everything from the salt used to the quality of the crafting matters. Most sellers don’t know these details and don’t ask when sourcing their salt lamps. Leaving you at risk of purchasing an inauthentic salt lamp.

Keep reading to learn and SEE for yourself the difference between our authentic salt lamps and the rest.

What you need to know.

What could be more important for a salt lamp than the quality of the Himalayan salt used to make it? Even real Himalayan salt lamps sold by many sellers are often made with poor quality Himalayan salt.

We’ve done what no one else has and taken the time to visit multiple Himalayan salt mines and speak to the craftsmen and experts in the trade, and what’ve learned can’t be learned anywhere else!

All pink salt is mined in the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern Pakistan. Most of the pink salt comes from one large mine (the Khewra mines) that is overmined and produces cheap low-quality salt. If you buy a salt lamp from eBay or most other sellers this is most likely the salt you will find.

High quality pink salt comes from a select few lesser known mines that are harder to access, this is where we get our salt from! Each mine produces a different quality of Himalayan rock salt, some have a lot of impurities, while a few produce a pure and deep pink Himalayan salt – our choice.

Most salt lamps out there will be brittle and will crack early on, because sellers around the world are unaware of the insider knowledge on how salt lamps should REALLY be made. We’ve broken through this wall by visiting the local areas where it all happens. Most suppliers make the mistake of selling these cheaply sourced salt lamp, not knowing where its from, leaving YOU to bear the cost of these mistakes.
Here’s what you will get when you buy an inauthentic salt lamp.

Cheap salt is blasted out of the mines using TNT. This rough method causes microfractures and weakens the salt by a lot! This salt is then sold directly in bulk to China and India where it is crafted (without local knowledge and expertise) resulting in all kinds of problems.

For the best quality you need to go directly to the source.

With our network of contacts we can skip all of this and use our own expert craftsmen and sources to craft superior quality salt lamps and deliver them straight to your door. Cutting out the middle man and all the problems that come with it.

SEE for yourself how we do it different to the rest!

    It's not uncommon to open a salt lamp box and find that your lamp is too white and uncoloured, or has dark spots that look ugly. The two pictures on the left show how a lack of care can lead to these low quality salt lamps. Most salt lamps sold out there will have one or another defect. Most sellers that buy salt lamps simply don't know what goes on behind the scenes.

    These lamps are made from poor quality salt that is extracted with TNT blasting, mixed in with regular rock and cracks, this salt is quickly sold at the lowest price. We control our sourcing and crafting so that our lamps are always authentic and high quality such as the picture on the right shows.

    The three pictures on the left show salt lamps that are cracked or completely broken. This is a common occurence with most salt lamps whether you buy them online or in store. This happens because the salt isn't pure and contines seams and regular rock mineral deposits that weaken the crystal structure. Salt from "Khewra" cracks easily, and unfortunately MOST salt lamp sellers do not know where they are getting their lamps from.

    We use salt from select mines that is still pure in it's structure and without the risk of breaking (our lamp is pictured on the right). Our motto is 'salt lamps should be built to last'.

    A good salt lamp base should fit well to the lamp. Bases that aren't properly secured to the lamp can leave ugly gaps as you can see in the picture on the left. This is very common. It's also quiet common to have bases with cracks, which can easily get worse over time and end up breaking. Unfortauntely most suppliers don't pay attention to the fit or the aesthetic of the base.

    Our bases are made from high quality timber that is crafted with minimal processing to allow the natural beauty of the wood to shine. They are also well fitted to the base of the lamp and notably THICKER than other bases. On the right is one of our wooden bases. 

    Unlike many sellers, we know exactly where and how are salt lamps are made. With decades of experience our specially trained salt craftsmen work with skill, making sure the lamp you get is properly cut and finished. You can see below how poorly crafted salt lamps chip during delivery (especially at the base) this is common for most salt lamps. Chipping ruins the appearance of the lamp. We use proper crafting methods to make sure this doesn't happen to your lamp.

A lot more goes into the making of a good salt lamp than first meets the eye. This is just a few of the things to be aware of. Chances are this is the first time you're learning about it, but every detail makes all the difference!

Our unique process was made to protect the purity of the Himalayan salt starting right from the source so that our lamps are truly authentic. In the critical step of sourcing, we select only from the best crop of salt every time. With our close industry connections and our hands-on approach, our prospectors hand pick the best quality salt blocks from our selected mines.

A lot more goes into the making of salt lamps than meets the eye. You shouldn’t have to worry about all the details when you want an authentic salt lamp! That’s why we started our journey making salt lamps, to deliver the best out there. And with the right ingredients and dedication, we’ve created the best Himalayan salt lamp experience anywhere! ­­

From, The Salt Lamp Shop Team.