Wholesale Orders

At The Salt Lamp Shop we have an extended network of contacts and manufacturing capabilities that we can use to fulfill your specific wholesale needs.

Highest Quality.

Our lamps are unmatched in their quality and finish because of our experience and local connections. With quality control measures that virtually no one else employs. See Our Lamps page to see just how important quality control is and how we do it.

Complete Flexibility.

When making a wholesale order it's important that you get exactly what you're looking for. With our manufacturing ability we can provide salt lamps of any shape, size or colour required. Whether it's a lamp you've seen on our website or one you've seen anywhere else online, our designer can craete it exactly as needed to fit your requirements.

You can customize the following aspects of your lamps/orders:
1. The colour of the Himalayan salt.
2. The shape and design of your lamp/s.
3. The base material, shape and thickness.
4. The packaging and branding.
5. The cord and bulbs to be included.
6. Brochures to be included.

Vast Experience.

With our extensive experience in sourcing, crafting, packaging and shipping of salt lamps, we are able to provide key advice and guidance on receiving, maintaining and shipping salt lamps. This will help to prevent you from falling into one of the many potential pitfalls that comes with handling salt lamps in bulk. 

Dedicated Shipping.

When ordering a large number of salt lamps, freight becomes a major part of the order. As heavy items, it takes special consideration to ship them safely. With our contacts in the freight forwarding industry, we have special arrangements to deliver bulk loads of salt lamps at discounted rates unavailable to regular customers.

Low Prices.

Although we provide the best quality salt lamps and after sale service, we are still able to provide competitive pricing on wholesale orders because of our special industry experience and efficient workflow. All of this ensures you are getting a very low price for a product that you and your customers will love.

How to get started

For all wholesale/price enquiries we require you to contact us directly with your details and requirements so we can provide a complete quote for you. 

email: info@thesaltlampshop.co.nz

From, The Salt Lamp Shop team.