About Us

The story of our salt lamps

It all started with an idea. On a recent trip I happened to venture through Pakistan and ran across the famous Himalayan salt mines at the base of the Himalayas, the only place in the world where pink Himalayan salt is found. I was amazed by the depth of the mines and the beauty of the pink salt mineral ore. However, the miners were in terrible condition, using blunt tools and with barely any amenities. These miners would manually dig all day being paid only $3 per tonne of Himalayan salt mined. With some of the worst working conditions anywhere!

I created The Salt Lamp Shop Co. as a business that gives back. A part of our profit will go straight back to help the miners and crafters that made our lamps. So that they can improve and continue and we can continue to avail the benefits of pink Salt.

But giving back was not enough, seeing the beauty of the local pink salt there, I realized that the lamps sold in most stores were not as good as they could be. I wanted to bring the most pure Himalayan salt lamps to homes around the world. Now, we are up and running and proud to bring you our authentic pure Himalayan salt lamps, ethically sourced from a part of the salt mines that produces the best fracture-free and richly coloured pink salt. Our lamps are fully safety compliant, with all the health benefits that Himalayan salt offers.


Founder of The Salt Lamp Shop.