Salt Lamps for Asthma

There's many health benefits of salt lamps. One of the most important is it's relation to breathing. Can you use Himalayan salt lamps for Asthma? Himalayan salt lamps and Asthma are a match made in heaven. A salt lamp is perhaps the perfect (and maybe the only) home décor item that can actually help people with Asthma. If you have Asthma then you will probably want to skip this next section, as we’re going to briefly describe what Asthma is and what are the symptoms. So what is Asthma?

According to WebMD Asthma is a ‘chronic disease of the airways’ (meaning it’s not something that comes and goes but is there to stay). It makes breathing more difficult. The way this happens is through inflammation of the airways causing them to narrow down, reducing the amount of oxygen going to your lungs. It doesn’t completely cut off the oxygen supply but reduces it, as you can imagine this would be very uncomfortable. The symptoms of asthma include.

  1. Coughing
  2. Wheezing
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Tightness of chest

Asthma is very common, if you don’t have it yourself you almost certainly have known someone who did. So you might be asking “do Himalayan salt lamps really work for Asthma?” Are they all that they are purported to be? Great question! Let’s get one thing straight, salt lamps are not a “cure” for Asthma. That is, buying a salt lamp will not permanently solve the problem, and in some very rare cases, lamp owners have reported that their lamps made their asthma worse. But you’ll be glad to know that that’s quiet a rare case, and the most common experience for salt lamp owners is an overwhelmingly positive one. There are thousands of salt lamp owners who have found that their salt lamp was good for reducing their difficulty in breathing. So it depends on the individual but the short answer is yes salt lamps do benefit people with Asthma.


So HOW do Salt Crystal Lamps Help Asthmatics?

Asthma is not one of those diseases that we know everything about. However we do know that there are A LOT of triggers for Asthma and one of the most common ones are airborne particles and pollutants. Think cigarette smoke, chemical fumes, pollution, pollen (this is a big one), dust mites, animal fur and feathers. With all of these potential triggers, it only makes sense to take every precaution you can to keep the air clean. That’s where salt lamps come in. Salt lamps have natural air purification properties. They draw in moisture from the air and that moisture, in the form of droplets, sticks to the airborne pollutants and carries them with it to the lamp. The result, a cleaner and fresher breathing space! If you want an even stronger effect we recommend you check out the Himalayan salt inhaler.

What’s the Best Salt Lamp for Asthma?

When it comes to relieving Asthma, not all salt lamps are equal. The ideal would be to buy multiple lamps, because more lamps means more cleansing for the air, we recommend 2 to 3 lamps, but the sky’s the limit. However if you only want to get just one lamp we recommend you get a large salt lamp 10kg+ as they will have the strongest effect.