• 15-20kg Himalayan Salt Lamp (Marble Base)
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15-20kg Himalayan Salt Lamp (Marble Base)

With it's grand size, the 15-20kg Himalayan salt lamp is an impressive addition to any room. Crafted only from a select few extra large pieces of Himalayan salt, no two lamps are alike.

Each lamp presents deep and varied shades of pink, and textures that capture the beauty and health benefits of authentic Himalayan salt from the source. 

This lamp is suited for large common areas, spacious rooms and open living spaces. 

What's Included

1 x Salt Lamp with Marble Base
1 x 2m Cord with Dimmer Switch
2 x 25-watt Bulb
Instructions Manual

Area Covered

105sq. meters


width - 23cm to 25cm
height - 38cm to 41cm
weight - 16kg to 22kg


From our natural salt lamps collection